St Martin Manor Phase II Renovation & Rehabilitation

This historic facility was built in 1872, with additions made in 1879 and 1920.  This structure serves as an assisted living facility for the elderly.

Phase II of this project encompasses the structure located on the remainder of the city block surrounded by North Johnson Street, North Galvez Street, LaHarpe Street, and Columbus Street

The scope of work entails a thorough and complete interior demolition with removal of all non-load bearing structures and finishes.  Due to the age, water and termite damage, the interior structure required a complete redesign, and reconstruction using up to date means, methods, and materials.  The historic restoration of the masonry requires massive corrective, preventive, and protective measures due to its original constructed design.

Damaged sections of this historic facility require complete demolition and reconstruction due to foundation failure and separation from the main structure.
Shoring superstructures were incorporated to accomplish this task in a safe and productive manner.Upon completion, the three (3) story, 57,000 sq ft facility with its new five (5) story
56,000 sq ft attached addition will house approximately 141 Units.  Construction is scheduled to be completed in June 2013 provided no delays are incurred during redesign of the interior structure.