Project Home Again

Project Home Again

In 2008, The Project Home Again Foundation contracted with TKTMJ, Incorporated for phase one of what became a five phase, 91 unit Green residential Design-Build project, that has spanned three years. Due to the combined effort of The Project Home Again Foundation, TKTMJ, Incorporated and project partner, Sustainable Architecture, LLC each of the 91 structures were designed and built to meet the criteria for the Department of Energy’s Building America Challenge standards for energy efficiency.

“TKTMJ has performed work for Project Home Again since 2008. TKTMJ has consistently performed high-quality work ahead of time and on budget” says Carey Shea, the project’s executive director.

With ninety-one structures meeting the Building America Challenge standards, TKTMJ, Incorporated is the largest Building America Challenge builder in the state of Louisiana.

Of the ninety-one units, twenty-five are designated as having met criteria for Enterprise Green Communities Certification. Eight units in the five phase project are solar powered, and five of them are LEED Platinum Certified by the U. S. Green Building Council (USGBC).

These three green building designations; DOE’s Building America Challenge, Enterprise Green Communities, and the USGBC’s LEED certification system, represent the forefront of Green design and construction standards.

USGBC’s LEED certification standards are an industry benchmark for sustainable building.

All Enterprise Green Communities homes are built according to the Green Communities Criteria, the first national framework for healthy, efficient, environmentally smart affordable homes.

The U. S. DOE’s Building America Challenge promotes green building practices by engaging architects, and construction firms to design and build homes that have less of an impact on our communities and the environment. Through their participation in these sustainability initiatives, TKTMJ, Incorporated is an industry leader in

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the area of sustainable building.