Emergency Response

Captain Larry’s Group Site

Belle Chasse, Louisiana

TKTMJ as GC constructed a 124-unit temporary housing group site for CH2M Hill and FEMA, which included all roadway, utility and site-work as well as the installation of temporary housing units.  This project was completed in 45 days.

IA-TAC I Haul and Install

Southeast Louisiana

TKTMJ as prime contractor to CH2M Hill installed over 3000 temporary housing units for CH2M Hill and FEMA in support of IA-TAC I after Hurricanes Katrina and Rita.

UFAS Haul and Install

State of Louisiana

TKTMJ was tasked by FEMA to perform services to ensure that housing units provided by the agency met Uniform Federal Accessibility Standards (UFAS).  Through its prime contract with FEMA, TKTMJ installed UFAS compliant temporary housing units and retrofitted group sites to comply with the settlement agreement of a class action lawsuit.  Daily conference calls were held with the US Department of Justice and FEMA to discuss project progression and completion.

Nungesser and Tolar Group Sites

Belle Chasse, Louisiana

TKTMJ as General Contractor upgraded two FEMA temporary housing group sites to FEMA specs. Originally built by the US Navy adjacent to the Belle Chasse Naval Reserve Base, TKTMJ was tasked with the upgrading of utilities as well as the re-installation of the existing temporary housing units to FEMA specifications and standards.

Shelter at Home

Metro Baton Rouge, Louisiana

After the Great Flood of Baton Rouge in 2016. TKTMJ was selected as 1 of 9 contractors to participate in a FEMA “Rapid Repair” STEP (Sheltering and Temporary Essential Power) program. TKTMJ was able to help 1200 families return home within 12 weeks. This program is recognized as the most successful rapid repair program completed by FEMA.